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Special Town Meeting slated for late July

2014-07-03 05:40:47
Submitted by: Jeffrey Musser

Special Town Meeting slated for late July
Eryn Dion
News Staff Writer

HUBBARDSTON — The Board of Selectmen have approved the warrant for a July 29 Special Town Meeting at the Hubbardston Center School Gym at 7 p.m.

The warrant contains two articles authorizing the town treasurer to borrow funds for the purchase of two new pieces of town equipment.

The first article is seeking a $140,000 five-year bond to purchase a new six-wheel dump truck for the Department of Public Works, while the second article is pursuing a $25,000 three-year bond for a replacement SUV cruiser for the Police Department.

Both articles will require a two-thirds vote on town meeting floor.

Town Administrator Anita Scheipers explained that the meeting was necessary due to problems with a similar article on June’s Annual Town Meeting warrant.

She said wording issues were found in an article that authorized Hubbardston to continue funding several capital projects, as well as take on new obligations. Ms. Scheipers said that — while the article was approved at June’s town meeting — when it was sent to bond counsel, there was some contention regarding the language and the borrowing was not permitted. The July 29 meeting is required to reaffirm the previous vote and approve the article’s new language, according to Ms. Scheipers.

“It’s a pain in the neck,” she said. “But it’s something we have to do.”

The treasurer will borrow the full price of the vehicles, rather than enter into a multi-year lease to avoid higher interest rates and lessen the town’s burden.

A quorum of 50 voters will be required to hold the meeting and approve the articles, and Ms. Scheipers said she is hopeful residents will take the time to vote.
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