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The Lodge

The lodge acts as the Association's central meeting spot, but in addition offers a great space for neighborhood events and private parties for members in good standing of the PPO.

The Pinecrest Lodge at 84 Bemis Road is available to rent for all paid PPOA members.

To reserve the lodge, contact Sherry Brooks, 978-399-4202.

Lodge Rental Rules
      •Usage Fee: $50.00
      •Cleaning Deposit: $50.00 (refundable)
      •Must be a paid PPOA member



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Cushman Pond and Beach

Cushman Pond is a shallow water-body. The depth of the pond ranges between 3 to 10 feet. Fishing at Cushman will yield perch, sunfish and small mouth bass.

As far as good fishing, it would probably be average for small ponds in the area. Comet Pond in Hubbardston, approx. 10 minutes south of Pinecrest is well stocked with trout and salmon by the Ma. Dept. Fish and Game. Comet is the one of the cleanest ponds in Ma. with a maximum depth of 70 feet. Equipped with a boat launch and public beaches, motor boats are permitted. Cushman Pond is not stocked. Catch and release is not enforced, but most serious fishermen tend to practice this method. The pond is located on PPOA property and no fishing license is required. As an un-written rule no motor boats or any engine propelled crafts are allowed on Cushman Pond, row boats and canoes are welcome.

Although not confirmed, an educated guess would say that the pond is spring fed based on the flow rate witnessed at the dam during the dryer months of late summer. Cushman does exhibit some weed growth. They generally are not native to the area and are typically brought into a pond by means of attaching themselves to the bottom of boats used in Milfoil infested waters. We do not have a boat ramp, nor allow motor boats which aids in preventing this.

PPOA is required by our local Board of Health to test the pond for E. Coli bacteria on a monthly basis during the swimming season. The BOH has allowed us to perform our own sampling which is then submitted to a Ma. certified testing facility. Testing began years ago and the results have continued to be below laboratory reporting levels!

Cushman Pond contains a small dam/weir located on the easterly side in the vicinity of the beach. This dam was professionally reconstructed several years ago. As a part of our annual fall cleanup, boards are removed from the weir which in turn over the course of next couple months drop the water level 2-3 feet. This practice exposes several feet of shoreline. Depending on the first frost / week long cool spell basically determines the effectiveness of this method. Previous to repairing the dam, PPOA hired a professional to spot treat areas of the pond. This method seemed to work well but was very costly. Currently to spot treat Cushman we would be looking at a cost in excess of 10-15k / year.

Fertilizer use is not restricted around the pond. Currently the BOH does not have a septic system monitoring plan. The largest majority of homes in Pinecrest were constructed under the 1978 Ma. Title 5 regulations. We make our best possible efforts to protect our pond.

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Hiking Trails and Scenic Views

Though there is no formal documentation on our hiking trails and scenic view points, neighbors are encouradged to explore on their own and help maintaining and sharing the paths they do find with each other. Areas of intrest include trails behind the lodge, around cushman pond, as well as other trails found and improved by members throughout the year.