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The Start of a New Neighborhood

The following presentation was submitted by Dennis Majikas at the PPOA Annual Meeting on May 6, 2012. Any other information of interesting trivia about Pinecrest is more than welcome. Check back from time to time as we update this page with items and pictures that are passed our way.


Our Beginnings

Pinecrest was developed by American Central Company, a subsidiary of International Paper Company

  • - Started as six large tracts of land (about 600 acres) purchased by International Paper Company
  • - The Lodge, was formerly the "Cushman Farm House" along with the Barn, were key buildings
  • - The lodge was converted to a sales office, operated by American Central Company in late 1960's
  • - Development strategy was to designate 180 acres as exclusive recreation area
  • - American Central hosted chicken dinners at the renovated barn every Sunday!
  • - Bathhouse, Snack Bar, Campground, Picnic area, and Playground were built
  • - Prospective buyers were promised to have the opportunity to use the "exclusive recreation area"
  • - Subdivision is known as "Wachusett Shores Section 1, 2, and 3". There are about 4.9 miles of roads
  • - On March 3, 1969 the Town of Hubbardston increased the minimum lot size to 40,000 sq. ft.
  • - Many of the 463 lots became unbuildable. Land sales ceased. Recreation area is in disarray
  • - On August 27, 1976, the Town increased the minimum lot size to 80,000 sq. ft.

Offically Named

Pinecrest Property Owners Association is created
  • - Recreation Area was transferred to Pinecrest Property Owners Association, established in 1970
  • - American Central paid the Pinecrest Property Owners Association $40,000 to "take" the property
  • - Responsibility for ownership, operation and maintenance of "Common Area" is inherited by PPOA
  • - Many social events were held in the Pinecrest Barn. The Pinecrest "toboggan run" operated also


Open to the Public

Pinecrest Recreation Area became a public facility... for a while

  • - "Pinecrest Camping Area" was built to state specifications and opened to the public in 1977
  • - Area included hookups for RV's, bathhouse, laundry, full liquor license, general store, and 40 sites
  • - Infrastructure had 4800 gallons of sewerage/day capacity + a “dumping station” for RV holding tanks
  • - Many management and operational strategies were tried, including an onsite resident caretaker
  • - Campground was closed to the public in the early 1980's. Buildings were slowly dismantled
  • - Property Owners main interest was to maintain facilities and increase property resale value

Growing Pains

Ownership of the Pinecrest roads is questioned
  • - American Central Company plowed and maintained the "private roads" in Pinecrest for 18 years
  • - When plowing was discontinued, Pinecrest and American Central went to court RE: road ownership
  • - In 1993, after ~ 10 years in Superior, Appeal, Supreme Court, Pinecrest was awarded over $600,000
  • - PPOA paid Town of Hubbardston $150,000 for road / drainage repairs anticipating town acceptance
  • - Pinecrest Roads were accepted at a Town Meeting by an overwhelming 231-4 vote in October 1991
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    Looking Toward the Future

    Future of Pinecrest is secure
    • - It is now up to the members of the Pinecrest Property Owners Association
    • - With no debt, positive cash flow, and great facilities, "making memories" in Pinecrest WILL happen!