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The P.P.O.A. of Hubbardston MA

Welcome to the Pinecrest Property Owner's Association of Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Whether you are a long time home owner here, newcomer to the neighborhood, or just visiting, this website is intended to keep you informed of the news and activities happening in the neighborhood as well as give all visitors a little virtual tour of our beautiful neighborhood.

A Peaceful Home in the Heart of Massachusetts

Our mission is to promote and foster the recreation, relaxation, health and fellowship of the members, and to protect, maintain and improve the recreational land and open space in Pinecrest. The neighborhood is located in the town of Hubbardston, Massachusetts, about an hour and a half from Boston. We have the advantage of living in a peaceful area surrounded by nature, but also not being too far away from larger cities like Gardner, Leominster, and Fitchburg. The neighborhood offers many activities including hiking trails, a private beach area with a great playground, and lakes that are great for boating and fishing.

Welcome Sign
Welcome Sign

A Bit of History

Pinecrest was developed by American Central Company, a subsidiary of International Paper Company as an exclusive recreation area in the 1960s. Prospective buyers of the land were promised to have access to all the facilities including a bath house, Snackbar, Picnic area, campground and playground. As the town increased the minimum lot building size, sales of land within slowed and eventually transferred to the Pinecrest Property Owners Association in 1970 and for a short while in 1977 was open to the public which included hookups for RVs, bathhouse, laundry, full liquor license, general store, and 40 sites. In the early 1980s the campground was closed, but interest among the property owners in the land and its value had sparked the construction of more permanent housing for families forming the association as it is today.

Click the link below for even more details of Pinecrest's history!

News and Events

Upcoming activities and news you should know about.

Monthly Board Meetings

Bring your issues, concerns, questions to us for discussion, or just come to listen and learn. We meet normally the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Lodge. Meetings generally last about 90 minutes.

Next Board Meeting:
Tuesday July 2nd
7pm via Zoom and in the Lodge

Board Meetings have been held via Zoom and in the Lodge. If you would like to join via Zoom, Please contact Jim Ellis @ email: to request to be added to the list.

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Neighborhood News

Check out what is new as we try to post the latest information about meetings, events and general information about the area!

Announcement: Pond closed for Treatment Monday June 10th 2024 (POSTED: 06/10/2024)

Cushman Pod has been treated for the control of nuisance aquatic vegitation / algae.


Swimming: 6/11/2024
Drinking/Cooking: No Retriction
Animal Consumption: No Restriction
Irrigation: 7/11/2024

Email the bpard at, or Jim at with any questions. Thank you!

Announcement: Spring cleanup - May 18th at 9am on the beach (POSTED: 05/08/2024)

Saturday May 18th at 9am on the beach (rain or shine)

Please join us whenever you can, for as long as you can.

Bring: Bring gloves, clippers, rakes, saws, and hoes. We also need a few people to volunteer to bring weed-whackers, chain saws or hip waders.

Planned projects:
- Put out in swim floats
- Clear branches and rake the beach
- Trail clearing on existing trails(including point trails)
- Clean up inside of beach shed
- Pick up trash, including lower pond, and some areas of the streets
- Clear/cutback brush in beach parking area and around horseshoe pit
- Paint picnic tables
- Concrete patch dam
Call Jim at 5440 or with any questions. Please Help maintain your investment in this neighborhood and therefore your home value

Information & Documentation

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Meeting Minutes

The board of directors meet monthly to discuss concerns, issues and projects within the neighborhood as well as host an annual meeting where things such as the yearly budget, goals, and overall focus areas of all residents. Click the button below to catch up on all ongoing conversations.

Welcome Packet

Information for new home owners in Pinecrest. Plus some rules for loadge rentals as well as some additional information for those by the pond.

General Welcome Packet
Lodge Rental Rules and Regulations
Dock policy cover letter (2008)
Dock policy Agreement

Cushman Pond Survey

Information about the care and maintenence of one of our top attractions.

2019 Cushman Pond Survey
Webinar By Solitude on hydro-raking
Learn more about hydro-raking
Additional Q&A
For any other questions regarding Cushman, please email

Neighborhood Facilities

Open to members of the association are access to our pond, beach area, lodge and hiking trails scattered throughout the neighborhood.

The Lodge

The neighborhood's main building is used for most of Pincrest's offical events including monthly and annual board meetings. Associtation members are allowed to rent the lodge for private gatherings for a low fee of $50 per day. click the button below to see more about our lodge.

Cushman Pond and Beach

Cushman Pond is a shallow water-body. The depth of the pond ranges between 3 to 10 feet. and it is allowed to swim and fish. The beach area is kept clean by neighborhood volunteers and is a great place to spend a hot summer's day with the family. PPOA is required by our local Board of Health to test the pond for E. Coli bacteria on a monthly basis during the swimming season and has always passed as safe and the board of directors make the best possible efforts to protect our pond. Click below for more information.


Hiking Trails

Being surounded by nature has its benifits. One such benifits are the abundant hiking trails we have in the neighborhood. Being private land belonging to the association, our trails are taken care of by our fellow neighbors and do we love to share the ones we find!

Our Board and Contact information

Have a question? Want to become more involved? Below is a list of our current board members and the best contact for them. All positions are volunteer, though the board is elected by the association at the annual meeting when a term ends. Please note the year in parentheses represent the end of the member's term. Any memeber of the association may be elected for a board position. Associates are not elected board members, but as additional volunteers who offer a great help to the community.
Bob Brooks
Josh Adams
Tim Humphrey
Bill Poudrier
Jeanne Carter
Lee Carter
Justin Sylvia
Wade Normardin
AssociatesJim Ellis
Jody Holden
Lodge RentalsSherry Brooks978-399-4202